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February 21, 2020 2 min read

The eyelash extensions are not all the same and each type of eyelashes has its characteristics and particularities. So that you can understand all the differences, we will individually address the three main types of eyelashes: Mink, Silk (Silk), and Synthetic.

The main differences between these three types of eyelash extensions range from the material they are made with to their characteristics such as firmness and curl.

mink eyelashes

They will certainly not be suitable for all people and despite being one of the oldest and most well-known types of eyelash extensions, they are currently more talked about than actually used. These types of extensions are extremely soft and natural as they are taken from animals which also makes their reputation not always the best.

In addition to these facts, Mink eyelashes may not be the most common choice as their price is much higher and their curl would have to be done in a later process, using mascara or other products. Thus, in order to obtain a good result, the client would have to continue with constant maintenance to maintain the curvature during the entire time she was using the extensions.

Synthetic eyelashes

Synthetic lashes are the heaviest and least natural for the eyes. Its shine is quite intense, much more pronounced than the soft shine we see in the eyelashes of any person or animal.

Synthetic lashes are often used when a client is looking for a more dramatic look for occasional situations. While synthetic lashes can be applied to look natural and blend in with natural lashes, synthetic extensions generally have a sharper curl and a much thicker strand than Mink or Silk extensions, which can overwhelm natural lashes and cause discomfort or even damage them.

Pestanas Silk (Seda)

At first glance it would be easy to deduce what material they are made of, but don't be fooled by the name, as it has nothing to do with the material they are made of. It is their weight, shape and finish that gives them their name. Most eyelashes used to make eyelash extensions are made of material known as polybutylene terephthalate or simply PBT. This material is made from polyester, well known by everyone and widely used in the most varied products.

Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, curvatures and lengths, this type of extension maintains the curvature without the need to apply mascara or any other type of maintenance. Because they are thinner and more flexible than synthetics, silk extensions hold much better.. Due to their lightness, they can be used on more fragile or damaged natural eyelashes without prejudice to the extension's durability.


FindingBeauty Silk Lashes will give you the result you want. Given the wide variety of thicknesses, curvatures and lengths, they are suitable for use in any technique and for all clients. Whether for a more natural look or something more expressive, we have what you're looking for. Can see on here all the lashes we have for Wire to wire is for Russian volume. If you need help don't hesitate to contact us, we are always available to help!

Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes

Técnica de Unhas de Gel, Extensão de Pestanas e Threading há sensivelmente 8 anos, após tudo ter começado fruto de uma brincadeira. A vontade de evoluir faz com que me foque na novidade e nas tendências, o que retrata a pessoa e profissional que sou. Contudo não deixo para trás o mesmo cuidado, prazer e confiança de quando comecei.

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