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January 27, 2020 3 min read

Surely, yWhere've come across the need to completely remove an eyelash extension, either by the client's wishes or simply because you prefer to start all over again!

Removing the extension can be quite simple and safe if done correctly! If you have already experienced difficulties in this process, read this article to the end, surely the procedures and techniques that we are going to advise will help you in the next removals!

Step 1 – Isolation!

While in an eyelash extension application the insulation will serve to protect the lower lashes, in removal this step serves to protect the client's skin. In the eye area, the skin is very thin and sensitive, and depending on the remover you are using, it can cause some discomfort to the client if you don't protect it properly. At this stage, we recommend the use of Eyepads or of white breathable tape ou of paper, as the white color helps to contrast with the eyelashes and allows for better visibility throughout the process.

Make sure you place them in a comfortable and suitable position so that the client can close her eyes easily, also making sure to cover the lower lashes completely.

Step 2 – Remove!

To remove eyelash extensions, simply place the remover on any application tool is used to, in order to minimize the risk of the remover coming into contact with the client's eyes. In most Techniques the preference is the Microbrush, because they are small enough to spread the remover between the lashes very precisely. must use two Microbrush at a time and apply remover both under and over the extensions, so that it works more effectively. Apply the remover, covering the extensions from base to tip. After a few minutes, the extensions should start to peel off the client's natural lashes with some ease.

There are several removers, both in creme as in gel, with and without aromas. As a rule the gel removers they are more effective and remove more quickly, however they are also stronger and can trigger a reaction more easily. If you are dealing with an easier removal (with less amount of glue, many extensions already removed) you should opt for a cream remover in order to make the process less aggressive for the client. If removal is more difficult and the client is not too sensitive, she can opt for Gel remover! always use quality removers to guarantee the quality and safety of your work!

During this step you should try to be very gentle as the glues are currently quite strong and pulling the extensions too hard when trying to remove them can accidentally break or prematurely pull out the client's natural lashes which can momentarily and perhaps permanently damage them. .

3rd Step- Cleaning

After removing eyelash extensions, clean natural eyelashes preferably with eyelash cleaning foam. It is important that this step is carefully followed because you don't want to leave residues that could disturb the client and\or interfere with future applications. Leave the Eyepads on during this process and use a cleaning brush for eyelashes to apply the foam and leave the natural lashes completely clean. It is important to ensure everything is clean and dry before removing Eyepads and allowing the client to open their eyes.


Thinking again about the strength of cola and consequently in the remover, it is easy to understand that they are agents that should not come into contact with the eyes, however, if well executed, both the application and the removal of eyelash extensions should be a painless process.

We hope these 3 Simple Steps will help you with your next lash removal! As always, if you have any questions about this process or any of the products used, talk to us!

Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes

Técnica de Unhas de Gel, Extensão de Pestanas e Threading há sensivelmente 8 anos, após tudo ter começado fruto de uma brincadeira. A vontade de evoluir faz com que me foque na novidade e nas tendências, o que retrata a pessoa e profissional que sou. Contudo não deixo para trás o mesmo cuidado, prazer e confiança de quando comecei.

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