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March 13, 2020 3 min read

With the COVID-19 epidemic dominating the news focus, we are all more aware of the extra hygiene precautions we need to take, as we can't just remember our own health and safety, but that of others with which we have been in contact. It is also worth remembering that the threats are not limited to the new coronavirus, there are numerous viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted from person to person through the air, skin contact, or simply through the fingers or nails. There are simple things you can do and advise your clients to do for everyone's safety!

Rub them!

The hands and especially the The underside of your nails can be a very fertile area for bacteria, so it's important to respect some manicure practices - always, but especially now.

In addition to the technique, the client must also wash and completely sanitize her hands and nails before each appointment. Have everything you need available in the salon (soap, disinfectant gel, paper towels, etc.). It is very important to wash your nails, sanitize the entire area around them and keep them away from your mouth. You should use a suitable brush with hot water and soap or detergent, rubbing abundantly. Having longer or longer nails is not necessarily dangerous, as long as they are properly washed and sanitized.

Biting your nails!

This habit, which is not always easy to control, can help the spread of viruses and bacteria in the body. To avoid the greatest risk of exposure, we know that we should avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth.

Nail biting makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to enter our body, which is quite negative for a number of health reasons, including (but definitely not limited to) COVID-19.
In addition to worrying about germs, biting your nails can cause minor cuts and bleeding, increasing your risk of infection. Disinfection with antibacterial soap is even more important for nail biters as a wound is a real open door for bacteria to enter your body.As we know care and pampering can work wonders to combat this addiction, which means that in some cases the use of gel nails or acrylic can be a good way to lower the risk of exposure.

salon care

Here it is essential that you sterilize the tools very well, ensuring that you use a effective sterilizer. This practice is essential at any time to ensure the safety of all clients and technicians. The cleanliness and ventilation of the space is also essential.

All techniques must always use gloves and a mask, as well as giving maximum preference to disposable materials, not forgetting the cleaning and hygiene of the work table between each client. All waste produced should be kept in closed bins and preferably in the work area, in order to avoid exposure. Don't be afraid to talk about it and make a point of explaining to the client all the cleaning and hygiene procedures you have, this will make you feel more comfortable.


In addition to these, there are numerous procedures to take into account when it comes to protecting the spread of viruses and bacteria, whether in the salon or anywhere else. Protect yourself and protect those around you, watch and show the following video:


Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes

Técnica de Unhas de Gel, Extensão de Pestanas e Threading há sensivelmente 8 anos, após tudo ter começado fruto de uma brincadeira. A vontade de evoluir faz com que me foque na novidade e nas tendências, o que retrata a pessoa e profissional que sou. Contudo não deixo para trás o mesmo cuidado, prazer e confiança de quando comecei.

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