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Eyelash Lifting and Coloring Course (Registration)

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April 11
May 23


Training Includes:

Enrollment: 75
Second payment (1st day): 75€

With support from FindingBeauty, the Rosi Cangueiropresents its Eyelash Lifting and Coloring Course.


Certified trainer by IEFPand with extensive experience in the market.
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O eyelash liftis a technique widely used mainly for clients who want to highlight their eyelashes without having to resort to eyelash extensions. It is a technique in constant growth and increasingly requested in salons. In addition to the beautiful and elegant results, it is possible to highlight the result even more by opting for coloring, a procedure that will also be covered in this training.

This training aims to learn all the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary for Lifting and Coloring procedures.
It is intended for all non-professionals or professionals who are not on active duty.

All trainees will be offered a Lifting kit Dlux Illumination Lift Kit, valued at €99.90:



Work is done on a real model, so thetrainee must provide the model for the afternoon period.

modelmust have full time availability between 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm.


Training Location:
Avenida 29 de Agosto, nº96 1ºA
2705-869 Sintra - Terrugem


9h30-13h30 / 14h30-18h30

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