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Initial Eyelash Styling Course (Registration)

Next available dates:

March 28th and 29th

April 23 and 24

21st and 22nd of May

Training Includes:

  • Complete Kit*
  • Manual 
  • Certificate

Enrollment: 100€
Second payment (1st day): 200€


With support from FindingBeauty, the Rosi Cangueiropresents its Beginner Eyelash Styling Course!

Certified trainer by IEFPand Eyelash Stylist with extensive experience in the market.
Look on here some of your work.

This training aims to learn all the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary for Initiation into Eyelash Styling.
It is intended for all non-professionals or professionals who are not on active duty.

Topics covered in Tech Training. Classic - level 1 :

  • History of false eyelashes;
  • Phases and cycles of eyelashes;
  • False eyelashes - Thickness, sizes and curvatures;
  • Materials and tools;
  • Hygiene and Safety in the workplace;
  • Glues - Ideal working conditions;
  • Coupling techniques;
  • targeting;
  • Construction of mappings;
  • Secrets for greater durability;
  • Chemical and mechanical removal;
  • Maintenance;
  • Allergies and Irritations;
  • Social networks, customers and pricing.

For the perfect learning of these contents, we will address several topics that will become essential tools to achieve a perfect mastery of all the materials used in Eyelash Styling.
Two works are done on a real model, so the trainee must provide two models for the second day of training.

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Two works are done on a real model, so the trainee must provide two models for the second training day (morning and afternoon hours). 

As Models must have full time availability in the periods mentioned (9:30 am - 1:30 pm; 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm). 


- 1 Box 0.15C Mix
- 1 Straight/Curved Tweezers
- 1 Volume Tweezers
- 1 Primer/Degreaser 
- 1 remover 
- 1 Tail 
- 10 Pads
- 10 eyelash brushes
- 10 Microbrush and/or cleaning brushes
- 1 paper tape
- 1 plastic tape
- 10 Plastic Rings and/or glue bases

Training Location:
Avenida 29 de Agosto, nº96 1ºA
2705-869 Sintra - Terrugem


9h30-13h30 / 14h30-18h30

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