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Sticker 3D MG501-06

- Sticker 3D
- Ideal for nail art projects

-How to use:

1.Clean and degrease one;
2.Cut to size as needed. The recommended distance is 0.5-1 mm from the cuticle and edges to ensure good fixation with Top Coat and prevent peeling. 3.Immerse in water (20-40 degrees) for 30-40 seconds to activate the adhesive layer. 4. Carefully remove the Sticker from the paper
5.On a clean nail, place the Sticker with some excess water so that it can be moved easily
6.To remove excess water, lightly dab with a cotton ball and stretch with your fingers.
7. File the front area to cut the adhesive
8. Apply two coats of Top Coat to ensure good fixation and avoid detachment

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