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Rose biography

A Rosi Cangueirois a trainer in the area of Nail and Eyelash Styling and helps women to become professionals of excellence.

His path began more than 12 years ago, when, out of curiosity and personal taste, he attended his first training course in Nail Techniques. She started by doing her first jobs with friends and family but quickly completed her schedule while attending
a Degree in Speech Therapy.
In 2016 he completed his studies but the taste for the area and the financial freedom he had already achieved made him choose
for investing in this area and also becoming certified as an Eyelash Stylist.

The will to continue to evolve and to be able to help other women turned out to be decisive when, in 2018, she became a CE trainer.rtified byIEFP. As a trainer, her focus has always been on training with quality and ensuring that skills are acquired, in order to prepare trainees
in the best way for the job market.

His only championship experience in Nailympion Madrid 2019 resulted in a prestigious 1st place in the Winner of Winners category
and 2nd in Salon French! With the return of competitions, the desire to compete and win prizes also returned.

Also in 2019 he founded the FindingBeauty and fulfilled an old dream of creating a brand and being able to develop products following all phases
of production to ensure that these meet its requirements, a challenge that leads it to have to keep up with all trends
of a rapidly changing industry.

Outside of work, Rosi enjoys travelling, interior decorating and anything involving arts and crafts.

Rosi is currently available to provide training privately or in other spaces, any questions
You can contact her directly at 912413847.


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