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Refund policy

All equipment products sold on www.FindingBeauty.pt are covered by a 2-year warranty for private users and 6 months for professional use, in accordance with article 921 nº2 of the Civil Code.
The deadline for returning items and corresponding activation of the guarantee is 14 days after purchase, and you can do so provided that:

• Returned in original packaging and in the same condition in which it was sold. Only the value of the product will be refunded, shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the Customer.
• In the case of consumables, they have not been used.
• With box/bag/packaging and respective manuals.
• Equipment warranties always work in accordance with the conditions established by the manufacturer.
• Warranties do not cover:
- The cost of transporting the damaged material
- Inadequacy to the functioning of the product.
- Damage caused by misuse or abuse.
- Damage caused by transport outside the original packaging.
- Damage caused by poor protection of equipment.
- Equipment that has undergone repair attempts, or even repair, outside of our assistance services.
• After acceptance, the object in question will be sent to the respective assistance service, where it will be tested and, after confirmed the failure, it will be repaired or exchanged. If any of the conditions described above are detected, the repair will be charged, as well as all necessary transport costs.

The request for a return or activation of a product's warranty must be communicated to FindingBeauty via email geral@findingbeauty.pt or through the traditional contact channels. The address for sending material is:

Avenida 29 de Agosto nº96 Store 1B
2705-869 Terrugem, Sintra

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