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Threading Course (Epilation with thread) (Registration)

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May 10th

Training Includes:

  • Complete Kit*
  • Manual 
  • Certificate

Enrollment: 75
Second payment (1st day): 75€


With support from FindingBeauty, the Rosi Cangueiropresents its Threading Course.


Certified trainer by IEFPand with extensive experience in the market.
Look on here some of your work.

O threading It is a technique used mainly for the face, since it is a very sensitive area and it is a very delicate technique. It is one of the best techniques because it perfectly defines the eyebrows and facilitates the design of their curvature.

This training aims to learn all the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary for hair removal with a line.
It is intended for all non-professionals or professionals who are not on active duty.

All trainees will be offered a kit* that includes all the instruments necessary to carry out the procedure:

- Scissors
- Clamp
- Line
- Marking pencil


Training Location:
Avenida 29 de Agosto, nº96 1ºA
2705-869 Sintra - Terrugem


9h30-13h30 / 14h30-18h30

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