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Elastic Base Milky Rose 15ml

High viscosity elastic base, which allows excellent adhesion to the natural nail and fills the striations of the natural nail, as well as allowing for an extension of 2-3 mm with a mold. Ideal base for gel varnish due to its elasticity. Available in 7 shades including covers, milky, shimmer and also our best seller clear.

TIP: It can also be used as a base for building gel.

Apply a thin, taut layer of Elastic Base. Catalyze in LED/UV, 60/120 seconds respectively. Apply a generous second coat and shape the Elastic Base with your own brush or a fine brush if desired. You can make 2-3 mm extensions with a mold. Catalyze in LED/UV, 60/120 seconds respectively. Remove the gum with Cleaner Or the Sanitizing Solution. Shape the nail with a file and remove dust with a plastic brush. Removable with Soak Off or drill if preferred.

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