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Paint Gel FB01 Laranja

- Paint Gel collection available in 12 colors:

  1. FB01 Orange
  2. FB02 Red
  3. FB03 Neon Rose
  4. FB04 Purple
  5. FB05 Azul Royal
  6. FB06 Green
  7. FB07 Golden
  8. FB08 Satin Rose
  9. FB09 Brown
  10. FB10 Pure Black
  11. FB11 Pure White
  12. FB12 Silver

- Vibrant, high-pigment colors for Fine Stroke, Wet On Wet, One Stroke, and Stamping techniques
- Size: 8ml

Usage mode:

1. Apply and dry in LED/UV lamp
2. Seal the Designs with Top Coat Gloss or Matte (Finishing)


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