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Queen Acrylic Powder Vintage Pink

Acrylic Powder for acrylic nail construction, gives the nail a natural and elegant look. Must be used with Monomer liquid.

1st Step: Remove the shine from the natural nail with a 180 file. Never use the buffer or the block in the preparation of the natural nail. apply the First SOS and allow to air dry for 30 to 60 seconds. apply the Bond Promoter and allow to air dry for 30 to 60 seconds.

2nd Step: Dip the brush into Monómero Blend/ Mix Slow and remove the excess. Place just the tip of the brush on the Acrylic Powder and drag towards you forming a ball. Start the application in the middle of the free edge of the nail extension with the brush parallel to the nail plate and make pressure movements to flatten the ball and thus, be able to model the acrylic. Air dry. Repeat the process in the stress zone with a slightly larger ball and finish in the cuticle area with a slightly smaller ball. Shape the nail with a file and remove dust with a plastic brush. Do not use the buffer so as not to create an overly polished surface.

3rd Step: apply the Top Coat desired and catalyzed in LED/UV, 60/120 seconds respectively.

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