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Silcare - Introduction Kit

- Brand Introduction Kit
- Available in 2 versions:

  • Medium Density (Gel Base One Violet) - Make 1-2 nails at a time, self-leveling.
  • High Density (Gel Base One Violet Thick) - Do the 4 nails at once, followed by the thumb. It doesn't run.

- Kit consisting of:

  • Nailo acid primer 9ml - Ideal for oily nails
  • Base One Primer 9ml - Ideal for damaged or more fragile nails 
  • Extreme Connector UV Glue Foundation - Promotes gel adhesion
  • Gel Base One VIolet 50g (Medium density) or Violet Thick 50g (High density)
  • The Garden of Colour Dry Top 9g - Brilho sem goma

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